Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Eco Village Visit

I will return to normal blogging in September, in the meantime last week end I had fantastic day out at Lammas Eco Village in Pembrokshire, they hold open day tours through April to September.
 The eco village is made up of 9 smallholdings of about 6-7 acres each
 The village is totaly off grid
every small holding is self sustaining 
 Planning permission was granted in 2009
 the project is being run under the One Planet scheme
 The smallholders all own there land
and had to show within 5 years they could be self sustaining
 and bring in an income of at least £5,000 per smallholding
 this income is made from the land using non agriculture methods
 as well as raising there food
 they raise there own fuel
 the small holders come from all walks of life
 some are family's with children
 when they moved on to the land it was barren and had been over grazed for 25 years devoid of wildlife
 They have volunteers who help them work the land learning as they go
 The smallholdings all live independently with a village community, if you are ever in the area on a Saturday go along for tour, I came away with some ideas I want to implement here, if you cant get to visit you can learn more about the project HERE

Monday, 14 August 2017

The First Year

I have put together another photo slide show of work that was done outside in our first year.
The first few photo's are the garden we left behind.
I have tried to group these photos together with before during and after.


Tuesday, 8 August 2017

I Will Return

I will return in the meantime here is a slide show of some of the things that have taken place here during our first 3 years

Friday, 28 July 2017

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

More New Additions

These two arrived on the
ranch this morning 
Chinese Crested Geese 
It has been a busy week with lots of new residents and getting them settled in.
Cucumber glut has now started 3-4 every couple of days
 made up a big jar of refrigerator cucumber pickle
still getting lots of milk from the goats as well as milkshakes everday
 its yogurt for breakfast with honey and fruit
we have workmen in at the moment I will update on that later
 I did make them up a batch of biscuits from the recipe that Louise gave me, these are great dunking biscuits and have been a hit with the lads 
must go there is lots to get on with busy busy time.