Saturday, 21 June 2014

The Garden is Ready To Move

We have spent the day grouping all plants in pots together ready for them to be loaded next Friday evening into to the lorry for there journey to Wales next Saturday

There is a few other groups to add to this collection, the sheds have now been emptied apart from chook food and few tools I still have a few things to dig up, we suffered one casualty my Acer  was in a lovely big terracotta pot that shattered so he has been re-planted into a trug until we get there, and I tripped and fell onto one of the bags of potatoes breaking some of the plants, all I hope now is that all the garden furniture plants and shed stuff all fit in on one load. The greenhouse benches are coming with us as well as the water barrels and hubby has been stacking up paving slabs that we use in the tunnel and paving bricks that I sit pots on. A lot of garden ornaments went into storage last year so they will come up on another trip.
I did manage to fit a quick check on the bee hives today and noticed that the bait hive that is set up is attracting some attention from scout bees, well they better decide quick if they plan to move in as next Monday the bees are being moved to Wales, that will be an interesting trip.


  1. What a lot of pots to take, hope everything goes to plan. I'm looking foward to seeing your new home

  2. Good luck with the move, what a huge amount of work, it's hard enough packing up a house let alone a garden!

  3. Just popped over to your post from Kev's blog. I shall follow your move with interest. Th every best of luck to you.

  4. Moving is never easy, but it sounds like you have a well thought out plan. Good luck hope all goes well.
    Jean x

  5. Good luck, not long now. Fingers crossed all goes well x

  6. Fingers crossed that your move goes well, good luck with the bees. I only brought a very tiny amount of garden stuff with me. Once I settle finally I will build a new garden.


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