Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Bargain Fruit

Since we moved here just over 6 months ago I have been looking for a place to get decent fruit and veg at a respectable price, at last I found some-where
Chris Thomas and Son in Abergwili they are fruit and veg merchants and supply to the public as well as trade an there prices are fantastic.
 14kg of Seville oranges £5
8 bags of seedless grapes £1
Box of plums £1
I also picked up a mixed box that had 2 of these farmhouse fruit cakes and red grapes for £1
I gave the other cake and 2 bags of grapes and some plums to our neighbour I wanted her newspapers for the fire and needed a hand from C junior to lift something for me.
As well as buying fruit and veg by the box they sell it loose along with sacks of veg, they sell coal logs compost and poultry feed too.
They staff were all nice and friendly its a lovely place I am so pleased to have found it.
While I was out I did my monthly shop at Tesco, £27.05 I had planned to go next week but with snow forecast I decided to go early, I mainly needed milk, butter, yeast and sugar for marmalade.
I also popped into Charlies I needed some new kitchen scissors I also wanted another of those Kilner Jars with the tap, they still had them on offer, its fatal going into Charlies 
 2 Flowering shrubs £2.99 each
2 Fruit trees £3.99 each
Fruit bushes 3 for £5 
I have them all standing in the small poly tunnel at the moment, they have buds on them and after coming from a warm shop I think it would be too much of a shock for them outside as we have a cold spell coming.
Tomorrow I am making a trip out to collect some new chooks, they are POL our girls are getting a bit old now although they still lay the occasional egg at 6 year old I cant expect much more from them.
The rest of the day has been taking up with cleaning out chooks and ducks and the usual chores, plenty of logs have been brought in and I now have plenty of newspapers again for fire lighting, all ready for the cold spell which I think I will be spending making marmalade and doing something with the plums.


  1. I am so pleased for you, well done,unbelievable prices,that will save you so much money in the long run.x

    1. I plan to freeze some of the oranges as I read they freeze very well :-)

  2. Ah - why didn't I mention Chris Thomas to you - we buy most of our fruit and veg there, and some real bargains to be had : ) The only warning I would give, is don't buy cucumbers there after there's been snow!!!

    You got some good bargains at Charlie's too - those fruit trees are so cheap. I hope we miss out on the snow, though I have to say we popped into town today to stock up on cat food just in case.

    1. I will keep in mind not to buy the cucumbers after snow :-)

  3. Wish we had such a place near us.

  4. Dawn as soon as you started talking about the fruit supplier in Abergwili I recognised it as being the place where BB does her fruit shopping and then see BB has confirmed it.

    Your prices are really good - especially at Charlies; here in Peterborough we can pay anything upwards of £8 for a fruit tree - and that is Wilkinsons everywhere else the are far dearer unless you hit a special offer. I am lucky on the veg front having a little private Greengrocers on the corner of the street where I live who do not do too bad a price and they usually get me things in like shallots and pickling onions and I don't pay as much as what you do in the supermarket. For my Sevilles I paid £1.50 a kg (10 kgs) which is very cheap for round here but not as cheap as you got them for. I think it must be hit and miss across the country. I am grateful that I have them though as they help me keep a lid on the budget and I prefer fresh veg whenever I can get it in any event - most of theirs is sourced for the fruit through wholesalers in Spalding or direct from Fen Farmers. They have their own smallholding. Good country people who are just trying to scratch a living.

    Hope you and yours are well.



    1. Its great that you support the local growers :-)

  5. Excellent prices for the fruit bushes and trees - think of it as an investment, not a luxury!

    1. Next year is when expect them to start cropping and when i prune them I can hopefully grow on more from the prunings :-)

  6. Replies
    1. I just need to doing something with it all now :-)

  7. Great to read about your bargains, the fruit and bushes all look brilliant

  8. I can't believe what you paid for that fruit. I need to find somewhere around here like that! Those grapes are so cheap!


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