Sunday, 15 February 2015

A Day Working Together

I started off the day cleaning out chicken and ducks houses, I also let out the new chooks to run with the others, I have kept them quarantined for the first week, they seemed fine so it was time they all got to now each others, the new chooks started laying yesterday.
 We both headed into the vegetable garden while the weather was good to get some jobs done, 
Martin put together the remaining raised beds and I helped him lift them into place, 
I was working at getting some of the pear and plum hedging planted
They are looking rather spindly but there is signs of them coming to life.
I also got the last of the nut trees planted out.
We moved one of the garden benches round to the front of the shed and some slabs for it to sit on its a great pace to sit and catch some sun with a cuppa and take in the view and watching the Red Kites.
Once again we are racing against time to get things done in the veggie garden so we will be ready for the growing season.


  1. I hope you win the race, the beds are looking good. Not long now & they will be filled with lovely produce. x

    1. I just keep in mind a lot of this work we wont have to do again next year :-)

  2. Your fruit hedge will be lovely when it grows up - nice to look at and handy for a snack! xx

    1. I hope so I planned it as a nice windbreak, I dont know how edible the fruit will be :-)

  3. Your picture reminds me very much of the raised beds I used to have when I lived in the country. I miss that life.
    I'll never give up on hoping to get back though - that's my dream now !


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