Saturday, 28 February 2015

Update On Kara

Kara had to have her toe amputated yesterday after the discovery of a suspect growth, she wasn't in pain and it didn't effect her mobility, but it was growing at an alarming rate and her toe was becoming enlarged and deformed, after trying medication and there was no response the decision was taken that the toe had to be removed. A cell smear was done last week and the results showed its a Grade 2 mass cell tumour.
We dropped her off at the vets in the morning, we did continue her pet insurance when we adopted her and it is just as well as it covers all costs, because the insurance company was picking up the bill it meant she could have 5* treatment, a heated bed and kept on a IV all day to aid recovery from the anaesthetic the were also doing full bloods and clipping her nails.
When we collected her late afternoon she was still very drowsy and disorientated, we popped her on her blanket in the back of the car she whimpered and cried all the way home, getting into the house she managed a little tail wag, she was very unsettled all evening and need reassurance that we were there with her, she managed a light meal with one of her pain relief tablets very unsteady on her feet, she was still whimpering all evening and through the night Martin had to get up to her, this morning she is more alert but still in discomfort.
She has to return to the vet on Monday morning for the dressings to be changed and that continues every 3 days for the next few weeks.
Next week we should get the full results of the biopsy and we hope they have got all the tumour and she wont need another operation.
Thanks for all the well wishes for Kara :-)


  1. Thank you for the update on Kara, Dawn. Poor little mite. My heart goes out to her (and you & hubby). I recently had to let my darling German Shepherd go to Rainbow Bridge, so know how anxious you have been the last few days. Thank goodness you have insurance, which enabled her to have first class care without you having the financial worry. Plenty of spoiling her is called for. Have a restful weekend. CMW

  2. Poor Kara. Give her a gentle big cuddle from me.


  3. oh bless her, I do hope all is well. It's awful to see our pets in pain isn't it ?

  4. Ahh poor Kara - I do hope that they've got it all and that she'll soon feel a little better - give her a hug from please xxx

  5. Thank you for the update, hope Kara feeling better soon and heals quickly x

  6. Oh poor Kara, and poor you. Hope she feels better soon and that the results are good xx

  7. There's nothing worse than watching a loved animal suffer, knowing there's nothing you can do to help. Hope she recovers back to her normal self soon.

  8. Thanks for all the well wishes after a couple of rough days of her crying and whining including through the night today she seems a lot more settled and and getting back to herself although she gets anxious if left alone to point of lying across the door so I cant leave the room without her noticing I am sure she will settle more over the next couple of days :-)

  9. I do hope that Kara is feeling better today and that she will soon make a good recovery. xx


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