Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Airing My Dirty Laundry In Public

They say you shouldn't air your dirty laundry in public.
Well I feel like have to share mine with you all.
 My clothes get pretty filthy when I am working outside,
 I tend to wipe my hands down my trousers often during the day
and the knees end up filthy as I am often kneeling on the ground
Then there is baby animals that like to jump up on you with dirty feet.
 Now these are soap nuts, 

What is a SoapNut?

Soap Nuts are actually berries from the Soap Berry Tree (Sapindus mukorossi). They are not a nut! These berries grow on trees, ripen and drop to the ground where they are collected and then dried naturally in the sun.  They contain saponin, Mother Nature’s soap! This natural soap is released from the SoapNut when agitated in water.

This extract was taken from Soap nuts Australia
There is a lot of info on the site and how to use them 
 I bought these soap nuts a few years ago they do last for ages,
I put some to use today, a handful in  little bag thrown into the washing machine with the washing

 Nice clean clothes, that smell good as well nice and fresh.
 No chemicals better for the septic tank, cheaper and better for us.
I am not an Eco warrior by any means, but if something works just as well is chemical free and better for us and the environment I am all for it.
 I set out another 4 pallet collars today, these are on the south side of the poly tunnel,
weed membrane has been laid underneath them and they will be part filled with alpaca manure
 like this one then topped with soil, these beds are for the squashes,
we got another 8 pallet collars in exchange for eggs.

managed to snap this photo today of broody hen with the little chick that she has adopted.
She was all puffed up with annoyance that I was there and was trying to get the chick back in the safety of the house.

Also snapped this fella this morning,
can you see him sitting on the post.
A big buzzard enjoying the morning sun.

This book arrived today, Louise over on Welsh Dreams Now Reality has mentioned the magazine Pretty Nostalgic a few times on her blog, I did a search on the web last night and found on Amazon they did a year book, today the postie brought it, (Amazon is great)
I have had a quick browse and love it, loads of tips from the past, recipes, stories and projects.
Something I can put down and pick up a real blast from a bygone era.
Off to have another browse now

P.S I am doing a giveaway later this week so make sure you tune in. 


  1. I have never heard of that tree before. I must have one!!!! Or ten!!!

    I must learn more about them!!!!

    1. Dont know if the trees will grow in your area they usually come from hot climates

  2. I came across the soap nuts on the internet a while ago but didn't follow through with them. I think my local supermarket sells them but they will be expensive, so following on from your recommendation I shall have a hunt on the internet to find another supplier. I am intrigued by them!

  3. I'm trying not to have an Amazon moment now!!

  4. I laughed at your comment on my blog this morning Dawn about how all your animals seemed to be in the wrong place. If you like writing then I think they is a new nursery rhyme (a la Little Boy Blue) in there somewhere.

  5. Dawn, where did you get the soap nuts from? I LOVE that idea. So pleased you were ken to look at Pretty Nostalgic. I am sad I don't hae the subscription any more but it was £40, however the books I do have 14 I think are full of endless ideas for all the things you have mentioned.x

  6. I am resolved not to buy anything from Amazon until after my holiday next month, but that book looks tempting.

    1. The book will still be there after your holiday although it would make lovely holiday reading :-)

  7. thanks for putting soap nuts on the radar for me, seems like exactly what I'm going to need when we go off grid on our land, the septic tank is going to cause a few adjustments for us I think

    1. Just use very little chemicals with septic tanks

  8. I shall bear soap nuts in mind thank you. Love the book. Anything to do with times gone by is right up my alley.

  9. I need soap nuts, I will be investigating. Looking forward to the giveaway. Tx

    1. The cost works out for us about £9 a year

  10. I've been really pleased with my soap nuts and wouldn't use anything else now. Love the photo of the little chick

    1. Nice to know you get on alright with them :-)

  11. Soap nuts look cool! No problems with the septic tank sounds good. I presume you can't grow them in our climate?


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