Friday, 28 October 2016

Growing Triffids

There have been some monsters growing in the Poly tunnel this year, I have at times done battle with them, wading in with twine to keep them in there place, which they are not always happy about and put up a fight.
 Looking rather messy all tied up, this Yacon has grown to 8ft
 The underground tubers are creating a mountain
 Outside the Yacon have grown about 3ft, dwarfed by there big brother
The flowers are small and fairly insignificant on such a big plant, Now I am waiting for the foliage to die back as the temperatures drop then the tubers can be harvested. I have big expectations of the one in the poly tunnel. Yacon produces two types of tubers, the large edible swollen root and small clusters of tubers that are used to create new plants.
The other monster that has been growing and very difficult to keep under control
Litchi Tomato Plant
Again it has grown to 8ft, but so difficult to tie up 
 The stems, leaves and fruit are covered in big painful thorns
There are fruits ready to harvest, I need to dig out some protective clothing and get started, I will be saving seeds from it but wont be growing it in the poly tunnel again, it should grown fine outside as it doesn't mind the cooler conditions.

Monday November 22nd 1982
Molly phoned, Douglas has left his tablet  record book here, went to Carmarthen to  post it back.
Buried Blue Boy and 1 Welsh Mountain.
Lawrence cut fingers on window.
Did load of washing in machine.
John fixed big water heater, after rubbing down large holes appeared, had to weld top of tank reservoir.
All cows brought in, entered all receipts in book up to date.
Diana phoned John about coming up for couple of days.


  1. My yacon is about 4-5ft high outside and I'm looking forward to harvesting it. One thing that has gone mental is my giant achachos and although the got no fruit on them the plants swamp everything in their path!

  2. How do Yacons taste and what do you use them for.

  3. Oh my, those thorns!! I'm guessing you have them away from the poly tunnel cover, they look vicious and fabulous all at the same time. As Lou said, interested in Yacons myself.

    1. there vicious little sods always catch me unawares

  4. Aren't the flowers lovely on the Yacon?-x-

  5. Looking forward to seeing the tubers when you did them up. I always get excited when you put the folk in the earth and it unfolds the treasure beneath.

  6. Replies
    1. It produces a big root underground that can be cooked down to make a syrup that is a good sugar substitute

  7. Everything is obviously very happy where it is growing. I have no idea what these plants are though!

    1. I will do posts on them when I use the harvests

  8. Is the weather the same for October as it has been previously Dawn, I'm wondering if it's going to do so well every year as I really hope so?


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