Friday, 17 March 2017

Yippeee Its Friday

After a few days of the promise of spring, this morning started dull overcast gloomy with a chill in the air.
The other day we had a beautiful T-shirt type of day, I was in my t-shirt working away clearing weeds from one of the garden borders and cutting back ready for the new shoots to spring forth.
There was a few bumble bees about when one flew down my t-shirt unknown to me until it stung me and I could feel it buzzing inside my clothes, I ripped off my t-shirt out popped the bumble bee it went about its business as I stood half naked in the garden in pain.
 under the armpit is not the best of places to be stung.
It throbbed and swelled up but now its fine, just left with redness that will fade in a few days.
 I had a lovely delivery come in the post
I saw an ad from the Woodlands Trust about growing trees from seed, I am a sucker for trees and they were giving away free seeds I applied and they arrived the other day

The seeds are already germinating so need to be planted asap.
 Back to being Friday
Friday is clean out day
The Alpaca shelter got swept out
 The chicken house has been cleaned out, I didn't do the goat house as I am hoping that over the week end they move into there new house, first kids due in 5 days.
Another Friday job is making bread for use over the week end.
 I also got some yogurt made, I had some with raspberry sauce this evening.
 Being Friday means Martin is coming home, that's the best bit of Friday, he wont get home until about 10-30pm the evening is spent watching for the car headlights with the dogs, 
It looks like the weather is going to be naff this week end as we end the tail end of the American snow storm arrive as rain.
Regardless of the weather the goat house has to be finished.
I will have to get crafting this week its only a couple of weeks until my next market day and I need to get stock made.
Right time to sign off need to jump in the shower and await my hubby. Have a good week end everyone 😁


  1. What kind of trees did you get Dawn?

    Yogurt looks fantastic. Well done!

    1. The trees were Rowen, Holly, Alder and Dog Rose

  2. Ouch...not going to ask the logistics of photographing your armpit! x

  3. My tree seeds were also already germinating when they arrived. I got them into compost pretty quickly.
    Another busy week for you gone and coming up too!

  4. Yes, the naff weather has arrived here! I was reminded of you the other morning while driving my son to the hospital, all of a sudden two alpaca were running around in front of my car, I don't know who was more shocked. Escapees when they were being moved to a different field, feisty aren't they! There are big flocks (is it flocks?) in nearby fields.

    1. They can be fiesty when in unfamiliar circumstances

  5. Your encounter with the bee (- hope your sting fades fast) reminded me of being around 9 years old in a small rural primary school. As we played in the playground, a younger child near me had a wasp fly down the front of her fairly tight fitting dress. As she screamed in pain, my friend & I had to undo all her buttons & literally pull the dress off to release the wasp. Luckily, she did not react too badly to the many stings which were all over her chest & arm pits, but I've never forgotten it happening & thank goodness she wasn't allergic to wasp stings.

  6. Ouch!!!

    Weather foul here and has been since yesterday afternoon so it's a good job we have no time to be outside this weekend.

    Have a lovely weekend with Martin-x-

    1. Yesterday was surprisingly good weather wise and today, we haven't had the rain they promised

  7. Oh that looks so sore, hope it's gone down a bit today. Looking forward to seeing the kids when they come xx

    1. I am looking forward to this years kids arrive

  8. Oooo hope your arm is better soon. Our weather has been pants today but hope it is better tomorrow as I need to get my first spuds in. Enjoy your weekend with Martin, though I know a lot of work will get done between the two of you.


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