Wednesday, 4 April 2018

A Couple Of New Faces On The Block

Like lots of smallholders and farmers we are starting to lamb 
 This little fella put in an appearance over the Easter week end
 He is a good size and was on his feet and feeding very quickly,
I got him moved with mum into the next field
 He is a very hansom chappie 
It all started with this sheep
 I spotted her in th top field lambing, she didnt even look pregnant, I got her taken down to the small paddock and watched her, after a few hours she produced a very undeveloped lamb, I had the vet out to check her over and he said her condition was too poor to carry a pregnancy, these are the stray sheep, Animal Health are now involved and are building a case against the owner. In the meantime 
We have gone through all the sheep, pulled out any that look pregnant, returned the others to the top field, trying to feed up and keep an eye on the rest, checking every 3-4 hours as we know they are due but dont know when or how many they are carrying, we have 10 left to go. 
Another new face is 
 Enid is about 4 years old and came to us from friends who had tried to home her and it didnt work out.
Enid has not lived with goats before and spent her life in a small stall going for occasional walks.
 Enid has been with us a couple of weeks and is slowly learning goat life, we hope this Autumn to put her to a billy.
Speaking of which Thelma, Connie and Helen are all getting wider and bulging out at the sides, kids due end of April start of May.


  1. I was pleased to read you are making a case against the owner of the stray sheep. Lucky Enid, coming to your heavenly place for animals.

    1. It has been an infuriating time dealing with owner and Animal Health.

  2. What a beautiful little lamb. I haven't seen many round here yet.

  3. Cute lamb...I trust you're giving Enid her walkies! x

    1. no walkies for Enid she now has a couple of fields to roam

  4. Lamb pictures always warm the cockles of my heart.

  5. There's nothing like spring babies to cheer everyone up. Interesting about Enid. Most goats are miserable by themselves, usually. It's great you took her in and gave her a real goat home.

    1. It is a time of adjustment for her as she really has no idea how to behave around other goats.


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