Saturday, 14 April 2018

Lots Ticked Off The List

It has been a great start to the year with lots of projects and jobs getting ticked off the list, it makes wonder what I am going to do with myself the rest of the year.
 The aquaponics system is now in place filled with water and running, new paths have been put down in the poly tunnel
 Martin had a helper when moving the slabs.
 With the slabs down I could get to work on the growing areas, there is another behind the tank.
 young seedlings have gone into the aquaponics grow bed
 Goldfish have been added to help kick start the system before we add edible fish.
Here is a video showing it all working, sorry not brilliant sound quality. 

My garden shed had a bit of a battering during the last storms, part of the roof was ripped off and windows broken the whole shed flooded 
 New heavy duty roof gone on
 windows repaired and a coat of preservative.
The shed got emptied and a load of stuff went on the bonfire
the lovely weather has meant I could have the doors open to dry it out and have a reorganising session.  
 I have checked the beehive that I moved the bees into, lots of activity so it looks like a success, I will open it during the week and have a good check over what is going on.
 Last night the goat mamas were given a pedicure all ready for kidding, Thelma at the back is due in about a week, followed by Connie at the front and Helen in the middle, Enid who is just out of camera has settled in well and is not in kid. We have to get some kidding pens set up in readiness now.
The stray sheep on our land produced another lamb, the owner collected the sheep the other day so the sheep saga is over. 
It was not a good ending but I am not discussing it on here.
So all major projects on my list are just about complete looking forward to enjoying some of the good weather coming this week.


  1. So many positives, everything looking good. I hope this year you and Martin have a bit more time for yourselves, you have worked hard for it. I am loving knitting with Alpaca wool, can't wait to see you use your fleeces.

  2. So much done! I'm amazed. I don't seem to have achieved much here lately, just treading water, there always seems to be so many jobs to do before I can move forward. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the goat kids!

  3. I'm exhausted reading it! You've achieved siuch well done. The shed has come up well.

  4. First of all, I meant to comment on the last post about growing wilow for fuel-I found it so informative and such a great example of sustainable fuel and the patience needed to grow it. The photos today are fantastic and show the non stop work involved in being self sufficient. Loved the one with the dog. You must both sleep at night after all the fresh air and hard work. I really enjoy your blog even if I don’t always comment.

  5. Congratulations on all you have done. We haven't finished setting up our system, based on an IBC yet. We too are interested in keeping crayfish in the tank, can you keep crayfish and trout in the same tank and will you be adding further beds ?

  6. I have a canine helper/supervisor too. All I seem to be doing is catching up with the weeding. Must invest in some tarpaulins to cover growing areas when not in use. You have been very busy.

  7. Hi Dawn, sorry about the bad ending to the sheep saga...I guess I probably don't want to know the details. You all are so productive, I laughed when you wrote "wonder what I am going to do with myself the rest of the year." :)


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