Friday, 26 February 2021

While The Sun Shines

 There has not been a lot of sunny days this year, but then we are only in February, the few good days we have been out there getting things done, snow we have had along with freezing conditions, rain and gales those days see the every day chores done and lots of indoor stuff, calm dry sunny days and we are outside from dawn to dusk playing catch up.

I got the willow dome all tied in and pruned the other day, it’s just starting to break bud, looking forward to seeing it all green up, this is the first year I have managed to get it into shape, I am on the look out for a nice comfy seat to put in it, as I am thinning out herbs over the next few weeks I am going to plant to thinning around the dome, mainly mint and lemon balm perhaps some comfrey.

We have’s of soup day over the cold days, Muligtawny and Minestrone have been the favourites and a lovely filling lunch,

The fencing is going up in the new goat area, fingers crossed Elvis Helen and last years kids will be moving in next week, .

It will be great for them to have a bigger goat house and a new area we can rotate them on to.

The growing season is well on the way, last autumn I found some tomatoes that had self seeded in the polytunnel, I took some of them up and kept them in protection over winter, a couple of them them are now flowering and fruiting,

They were brought in and put under the grow lights in January, but now are back in the polytunnel, 

Grandson Connor who lives with us has just finished the restoration and conversion work on his second Utility Jimney, it’s now up for sale and he is starting work on number three .

Utility Vehicle here is a link to his advert on Facebook if anyone is interested ,

Time to sign off now and get another day on the go.

Take Care.

Monday, 25 January 2021

Rough Start To The Year

 2021 I was expecting things to improve, but no we started the year in another lockdown, I don’t think I can remember what normal life was like, meeting with friends and family, having a laugh, sharing the ups and downs of life over a cuppa. 

Going to a shop and browsing around , going to an event seeing new ideas and products. Days out when and where you want, going to new places and exploring all just dreams from the past.

We also lost Nick Nack at the start of the year, he was one of my original Alpacas that I bought 7 years ago this month and he moved here with us along with his companion, Odd Job. He wasn’t that old about 9, It was a Saturday and we were doing the usual winter vitD injections and feet trimming, did a body score check and he was very low, we decided to bring him in and feed him separate to make sure he wasn’t being bullied off food, By Monday his condition seemed to have deteriorated, checked his mouth and eyes nothing untoward, checked him all over nothing, decided on a trip to the vet, they ran a worm count, blood tests, checked temperature  heart lungs etc gave him a shot of multi vitamins, Results came back and nothing stood out as abnormal, everything was fine and clear, by the end of the week he had deteriorated even further, vet came out and gave him a few shots, Saturday he picked up and spent a few hours in the sunshine with his. Herd, Sunday he was flat out, Monday I made the phone call to the vet, would they come out and euthanise him.

You can’t win all the battles no matter how hard you try. 

We have had a fair bit of snow this month

It’s lovely to see but terrible to work in when it freezes over, it seems to take an age to thaw up here.

I am using the snow to clean a woven Alpaca fleece rug, and some sheepskin rugs that came from our first lambs many years ago.

It’s a method I read about on a post from Pocket House Studio up in the Hebridean islands who wove our Alpaca rug.

Snow Rug Cleaning

I have got my pepper and chili plants started

They were started off indoors in the propagator, now under the grow lights along with some tomatoes and lobelia, over the coming weeks lots of seeds will be started off ready for another season.

A bit of a change is taking place outside in the growing area, or will be when the weather improves,

Polytunnel number 3, this one is 50ft long twice the length of the others, I am really looking forward to getting started with this one. 

We have plans afoot for this year more will be revealed when we start to put them in action.

I will do another blog post in a few days as there are other bits I would like to share, this post is long enough as it is.