Monday, 30 August 2021

Natures Bounty in August

It’s been a great month for field mushrooms, one of the easiest to find 

The trails of Mycelium turn the grass a dark green 

Making it really easy to find them, field mushrooms are very closely related to the button mushrooms you get in the shop, 

We make as much as possible of the harvest as well as having them fried for breakfast 

 I have been getting some in the dehydrator

And a batch of wild mushroom and red onion pate was made and went in the freezer 

For the first time we have had Parasols 

Appear in the Alpaca field

In the sheep field there has been pickings of Cep’s

A friend of ours from the village who also likes to forage, brought us a lovely Puff Ball, Which I sliced and dehydrated 
August has been good to us on the foraging front, now we are turning the corner into September, we are looking forward to see what Mother Nature provides.
She also brought us a Chicken in the Woods and some Shaggy Ink Caps.


  1. Dawn, are these ones that you cultivated or are they just naturally occurring?

    1. these are wild mushrooms that appear in the fields

    2. That is the coolest thing ever. We have many random fungi here, but I would not know enough to try.

  2. We live in the middle of the forest, so I've been foraging mushrooms several weeks now. We don't have field mushrooms- they need a field to grow, I guess. But we DO have button mushrooms, because I've been tossing bits of store bought mushrooms into my leaf compost. Now I get occasional one or two mushrooms few times in a summer. My garden has been a bit poorly this summer because of heat and drought, but just in time for wild mushrooms we got plenty of rain...

  3. Replies
    1. its the first time I have seen them and tried one we only picked one and left the others to spawn and hopefully produce lots more

  4. We have lots of mushrooms this year too. May I ask which dehydrator you have, do you recommend it, or is there a better one you would get if you had to buy again? Thanks!

    - Linda

    1. I have an excalibur its a great dehydrator with various heat settings, dont bother with a dehydrator with a timer as there is no correct time for these things a lot depends on humidity etc


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