A Bit About Us

My name is Dawn, I am married to Martin,
  Martin has to return to work each week and come home at week ends,
We both have the same goal in life, to be as self reliant as possible, I have always had an interest in growing stuff, my dad used to have a veg plot and I spent many a happy hour out there with him, one of my earliest memories is dad pulling up a young snowball turnip wiping off and handing it to me to eat. 
My dad use to love working with wood and was a great craftsman, it is down to him I also have a love of all things wood.
Mum was into knitting and sewing and that is were my interest in crafts stem from, mum was always trying new crafts, jewellery making and fabric painting, she use to demonstrate knitting machines. Mum was a terrible cook and that is what sparked my interest in food, I don't like tinned stuff it reminds me of what mum used to serve up, I don't like processed food or convenience foods, I like real food.

Martin and I have 4 grown up children and at the last count 13 grandchildren, I have always wanted to pass on my love of crafts, the outdoors, growing food and keeping animals to my grandchildren.
July 4th Independence day saw us finally move to a smallholding in Carmarthenshire in Wales, it took 20 years of hard work, many tears and disappointments along the way but we got here in the end.
We have 5 Acres to use for livestock and growing food, we brought the Bees Chickens and Alpacas with us, the journey has not ended its only just starting.

Were we us to live 
 What we have now


  1. Nice to meet you Dawn, how exciting that you will soon be living your dream and sharing it with your grandchildren!

  2. Your blog is so encouraging! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Nice to meet you .. welcome to Wales .

    Vicky x

  4. Lovely to meet you on this page. We are doing virtually the same on just over 5 acres in North Wales. xx

  5. absolutely love the blog, keep up the good work, it is inspirational
    all the best

  6. Such a lovely description about where you are now in life I will enjoy following you and hearing about your journey :-)Enjoy it, dee

  7. Sounds lovely, nice to meet you, im cindy married with 7 grandchildren and 1 due in a few days. Had 4 children, 2 of each, 1still at home

  8. Looks lovely. I was reading other blogs and always try to visit a blog from their blog list also. Saw the word Wales and since my husband Geoffrey is Welsh on his fathers side thought I would check you out. Alpacas too! I imagine you spin? I do. Will be back and do some catching up on past post also.

  9. Interesting how similar people are in different countries.. the hopes to live sanely and generously.. the daily chores and pleasures.. and just the difference in terrain and accents of language enhance the interest, also. Wales, for many years,was a place I hoped to see... but at 91 yrs, I will just enjoy your blog.

  10. Nice to meet you Dawn , my husband and i are doing basically the same thing on 2 acres here in the U.S.A., Your blog is fantastic keep up the great work,we raise Chickens /Goats /Turkeys/and Pigs and all our own Vegetables,not much store bought items here. I usually run this little farm alone as my husband works construction and that takes him away all the daylight hours welcome to my world across the pond

  11. So happy you posted on 5 on Friday. I would've missed your lovely blog. I'm number 135 on your followers, being the newest as of today!


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